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Small Places Close to Home

A Child’s Declaration of Rights

Small Places Close to Home A Child's Declaration of Rights

What is this book about?

The rights of chil­drenand of all liv­ing thingsbegin in small places, close to home.

This is a poet­ic and mov­ing adap­ta­tion of U.N. Uni­ver­sal Dec­la­ra­tion of Human Rights in hon­or of its sev­en­ty-fifth anniversary.

In back­yards and city parks, in school and at home—wherever and how­ev­er we move through this world, we have cer­tain inalien­able rights—and it’s up to each one of us to ensure those rights for oth­ers, too.

The Uni­ver­sal Dec­la­ra­tion of Human Rights, draft­ed by Eleanor Roo­sevelt and signed on Decem­ber 10, 1948, marked the first time that coun­tries agreed on a com­pre­hen­sive state­ment of inalien­able human rights. This gor­geous adap­ta­tion for chil­dren reminds us that uni­ver­sal rights begin in small places, close to home.

We all deserve to live free,

to feel safe,

to belong,

to learn,

to dream.


Eleanor Roo­sevelt hold­ing the Uni­ver­sal Dec­la­ra­tion of Human Rights.
FDR Pres­i­den­tial Library & Muse­um, CC BY 2.0 , via Wiki­me­dia Commons

“This ele­gant­ly and acces­si­bly pre­sent­ed book empow­ers the youngest humans and their accom­pa­ny­ing grownups to rec­og­nize their rights and safe­guard them by extend­ing them equal­ly to oth­ers.” (The Horn Book)

” … this qui­et­ly pow­er­ful book will pro­mote dis­cus­sions about impor­tant top­ics.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Small Places Close to Home A Child's Declaration of Rights

author, Deb­o­rah Hop­kin­son
illus­tra­tor, Kate Gar­diner
Balz­er & Bray
Harper­Collins Pub­lish­ers
ages 4 and up, 2023
ISBN 978–0063092587

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