Deborah Hopkinson

Award Winning Author of Fiction & Nonfiction for Children & Teens

Awards, Honors, and Press

A selec­tion of awards, hon­ors, and praise for Deb­o­rah’s books.

National Awards

  • ALA/ALSC Robert F. Sib­ert Infor­ma­tion­al Book Medal Hon­or (Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter)
  • Bank Street Col­lege of Edu­ca­tion Cook Prize Hon­or (Fol­low the Moon Home)
  • Boston Globe/Horn Book Hon­or Book (Sky Boys)
  • Green Earth Book Award (But­ter­flies Belong Here; Fol­low the Moon Home)
  • Grow­ing Good Kids Award (But­ter­flies Belong Here)
  • ILA Social Jus­tice Lit­er­a­ture Award (But­ter­flies Belong Here; Carter Reads the News­pa­per)
  • IRA Teacher’s Choice Selec­tion (Sweet Land of Lib­er­ty)
  • Jane Addams Peace Asso­ci­a­tion Chil­dren’s Book Award (Steam­boat School); Hon­or (Girl Won­der; Shut­ting out the Sky)
  • NCTE Orbis Pic­tus Award Hon­or (Shut­ting out the Sky); Com­mend­ed  (Dive!; We Had to Be Brave; We Must Not For­get)
  • NCSS Carter G. Wood­son Award Hon­or (Carter Reads the News­pa­per; Up Before Day­break)
  • NCTE Char­lotte Huck Award for Out­stand­ing Fic­tion Rec­om­mend­ed (A Bandit’s Tale)
  • North­ern Lights Book Award (Carter Reads the News­pa­per)
  • Par­ents’ Choice Sil­ver Hon­or Award (Carter Reads the News­pa­per)
  • SCBWI Gold­en Kite Award for Pic­ture Book Text Win­ner (Apples to Ore­gon; A Band of  Angels); Hon­or (Blue­bird Sum­mer)
  • SCBWI Gold­en Kite Award Non­fic­tion Text for Old­er Read­ers Final­ist (We Must Not For­get)
  • Sid­ney Tay­lor Book Award Notable (We Had to Be Brave; Courage & Defi­ance; Shut­ting Out the Sky)
  • Sig­urd F. Olsen Nature Writ­ing Award (But­ter­flies Belong Here)
  • Time of Won­der Children’s Book Award (Apples to Ore­gon)
  • YALSA Excel­lence in Non­fic­tion for Young Adults Final­ist (Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter)

National Lists

  • ABA Pick of the Lists (Fan­nie in the Kitchen)
  • ALA Amelia Bloomer Project (Susan B. Antho­ny; Fight­er for Women’s Rights)
  • ALA-ALSC Notable Children’s Book (A Band of Angels; Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; Apples to Ore­gon;  Carter Reads the News­pa­perSky Boys; Steam­boat School; Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter; Up Before Daybreak)
  • Bank Street Best Children’s Books of the Year (Bil­ly and the Rebel; Carter Reads the News­pa­per)
  • Book­links Last­ing Con­nec­tions (A Boy Called Dick­ens; Apples to Ore­gon; But­ter­flies Belong Here; Shut­ting out the Sky; Steam­boat School)
  • Book­list Editor’s Choice (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek)
  • Bul­letin Blue Rib­bon Book (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; Birdie’s Light­house)
  • CCBC Choic­es (A Band of Angels; A Boy Called Dick­ens; Apples to Ore­gon; Birdie’s Light­house; Bil­ly and the Rebel; Girl Won­der; The Great Trou­ble; Shut­ting out the Sky; Sky Boys; The Sto­ry of a Sto­ry; Up Before Day­break; We Had to Be Brave;)
  • CBC Math­i­cal List (The Great Trou­ble)
  • Cen­ter for the Study of Mul­ti­cul­tur­al Children’s Lit­er­a­ture Best Books (Steam­boat School)
  • Children’s Crown Award Nom­i­nee (Carter Reads the News­pa­per)
  • ILA/CBC Children’s Choic­es (Under the Quilt of Night)
  • Junior Library Guild Selec­tion (A Bandit’s Tale; A Boy Called Dick­ens;  D‑Day: The World War II Inva­sion that Changed His­to­ry; Dive!; The Dead­liest Fires Then and Now; The Dead­liest Hur­ri­canes Then and Now; Knit Your Bit, The Great Trou­ble, Race Against Death; Steam­boat School; The Sto­ry of a Sto­ry; Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter; Trim Sets Sail; Trim Helps Out)
  • NCSS Notable Social Stud­ies Trade Book for Young Peo­ple (Carter Reads the News­pa­per; Fol­low the Moon Home; Keep On!; Knit Your Bit; The Great Trou­ble, Thanks to Frances Perkins, Fight­er for Work­ers’ Rights)
  • NCTE Notable Children’s in the Lan­guage Arts (A Band of Angels; Blue­bird Sum­mer; Carter Reads the Newspaper)
  • Nick Jr. Fam­i­ly Mag­a­zine Best Books of the Year (Girl Won­der)
  • Notable Books for a Glob­al Soci­ety (A Band of Angels, Up Before Daybreak
  • Oppen­heim Toy Port­fo­lio Plat­inum Award (Apples to Ore­gon); Gold Award (Girl Won­der)
  • Pub­lish­ers Week­ly Best Books (Apples to Ore­gon; Fan­nie in the Kitchen)
  • Skip­ping Stones Hon­or Award (Up Before Day­break)
  • SLJ Best Books of the Year (Apples to Ore­gon, The Great Trou­ble)
  • Spur Award, West­ern Writ­ers of Amer­i­ca (Apples to Ore­gon)

State Awards and Lists

  • Alaba­ma Camel­lia Award Nom­i­nee (Fol­low the Moon Home)
  • Arkansas Dia­mond Pri­ma­ry Book Award Nom­i­nee (A Boy Called Dick­ens; Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; Apples to Ore­gon; Sky Boys; Steam­boat School)
  • Bee­hive Children’s Book Award. UT (A Bandit’s Tale; The Great Trou­ble)
  • Black-Eyed Susan Award Nom­i­nee, MD (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; Apples to Ore­gon; Fol­low the Moon Home; The Great Trou­ble; Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Disaster)
  • Blue Hen Book Award Nom­i­nee, DE (Apples to Ore­gon; Sky Boys)
  • Bluestem Award Nom­i­nee, IL (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek, Sky Boys)
  • Bucka­roo Book Award Nom­i­nee, WY (Annie and Helen)
  • Capi­tol Choic­es Note­wor­thy Books for Chil­dren and Teens Rec­om­mend­ed (A Boy Called Dick­ens)
  • Car­di­nal Cup Series of Note, VA (The Dead­liest)
  • Char­lie May Simon Children’s Book Award Nom­i­nee, AK (A Bandit’s Tale; The Great Trouble)
  • Char­lotte Award, NY (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek)
  • Chica­go Pub­lic Library Best of the Best Book (Carter Reads the News­pa­per) D‑Day; Fol­low the Moon Home; Knit Your Bit)
  • Coche­cho Read­ers’ Award Nom­i­nee, NH (A Boy Called Dick­ens)
  • Com­stock Book Award, MN (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; Fol­low the Moon Home)
  • Eloise Jarvis McGraw Children’s Lit­er­a­ture Ore­gon Book Award (Keep On!; How I Became a Spy)
  • Eure­ka! Non­fic­tion Children’s Book Nom­i­nee, CA (Carter Reads the News­pa­per; Dive!; Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter)
  • Flick­er Tale Children’s Book Award Non­fic­tion Nom­i­nee, ND (Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter)
  • Gar­den State Children’s Book Award Nom­i­nee, NJ (We Must Not For­get)
  • Gold Trea­sure State Award Nom­i­nee, MT (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek)
  • Gold­en Sow­er Award Nom­i­nee, NE (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek)
  • Grand Canyon Read­er Award Non­fic­tion Nom­i­nee, AZ (Carter Reads the News­pa­per; Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Disaster)
  • Great Kids Can Read Award Nom­i­nee, MO (Carter Reads the News­pa­per)
  • Great Lakes Great Books Award Nom­i­nee, MI (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; Apples to Oregon)
  • Iowa Children’s Choice Award Nom­i­nee (The Great Trou­ble)
  • Iowa Goldfinch Award Nom­i­nee (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek)
  • Kansas State Read­ing Cir­cle Rec­om­mend­ed Read­ing List (Keep On!)
  • Ken­tucky Blue­grass Award Nom­i­nee (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; The Great Trouble)
  • Key­stone to Read­ing Book Award Nom­i­nee, PA (But­ter­flies Belong Here)
  • Land of Enchant­ment Book Awards Mas­ter List, NM (Keep On!)
  • Leslie Brad­shaw Award for Young Adult Lit­er­a­ture Award, OR (Courage & Defiance)
  • Lone Star Read­ing List, TX (The Great Trou­ble)
  • Louisiana Young Read­ers Choice Award Nom­i­nee (Apples to Ore­gon; Carter Reads the Newspaper)
  • Monarch Award, IL (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek)
  • Nene Award Nom­i­nee, HI (The Great Trou­ble)
  • NY Pub­lic Library 100 Titles for Read­ing and Shar­ing (Apples to Ore­gon)
  • Ore­gon; Carter Reads the News­pa­per; Sweet Land of Lib­er­ty)
  • NY Sci­ence List for Pre-K‑2 (Fol­low the Moon Home)
  • North Car­oli­na Children’s Book Award Nom­i­nee (Apples to Ore­gon; Girl Won­der)
  • Nut­meg Book Award Nom­i­nee, CT (Carter Reads the News­pa­per; The Great Trou­ble)
  • OCTE Ore­gon Spir­it Award Win­ners (The Great Trou­ble, Knit Your Bit; Courage & Defi­ance; The Dead­liest Fires Then and Now)
  • OCTE Ore­gon Spir­it Award Hon­or Books (But­ter­flies Belong Here; Carter Reads the News­pa­per, Dive!; Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter; We Must Not Forget)
  • Ore­gon Read­ers Choice Award Nom­i­nee (The Great Trou­ble; Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Disaster)
  • Ore­gon Reads Sesqui­cen­ten­ni­al Selec­tion (Apples to Ore­gon)
  • Pater­son Prize for Books for Young Peo­ple Hon­or. NJ (Carter Reads the Newspaper)
  • Patri­cia Gal­lagher Pic­ture Book Award Nom­i­nee, OR (Apples to Ore­gon; Sky Boys; Under the Quilt of Night)
  • Penn­syl­va­nia Young Reader’s Choice Award Nom­i­nee (Carter Reads the News­pa­per; Titanic)
  • Prairie Bloom Award Nom­i­nee, SD (Fol­low the Moon Home)
  • Prairie Bud Award Nom­i­nee, SD (Sky Boys)
  • Read Aloud Indi­ana Book Award Nom­i­nee, IN (Apples to Ore­gon)
  • Rebec­ca Caudill Young Read­ers Book Award Nom­i­nee, IL (The Great Trou­ble; Titan­ic)
  • Red Clover Children’s Choice Award Nom­i­nee, VT (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek)
  • Rhode Island Teen Book Award Nom­i­nee, (Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Dis­as­ter)
  • Sasquatch Read­ing Award Nom­i­nee, WA (The Great Trou­ble)
  • Sequoy­ah Award Nom­i­nee, OK (Into the Firestorm; The Great Trou­ble)
  • Show Me Read­ers Award Nom­i­nee, MO (Apples to Oregon)
  • South Car­oli­na Book Award Nom­i­nee (Annie and Helen; The Great Trou­ble)
  • Sun­shine State Young Read­ers Award List, FL (How I Became a Spy)
  • Texas Blue­bon­net Nom­i­nee (Fol­low the Moon Home; Sail­ing for Gold)
  • Ver­mont Gold­en Dome Award Nom­i­nee (A Bandit’s Tale; The Great Trou­ble)
  • Vol­un­teer State Book Award Nom­i­nee, TN (Apples to Ore­gon; Titanic)
  • William Allen White Children’s Book Award (KS) (Pio­neer Sum­mer; The Great Trou­ble)
  • YouPer Award Nom­i­nee, MI (The Great Trou­ble)
  • Young Hoosier Award Nom­i­nee, IN (Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek; Apples to Ore­gon; The Great Trou­ble; Steam­boat School)

Sibert honor book
The Boston Globe Horn Book Awards
Green Earth Book Award
NCTE Orbis Pictus Award
Carter G. Woodson Book Awards
Crystal Kite Awards
Sydney Taylor Notable
YALSA finalist



“so rich with infor­ma­tion that it will be equal­ly fas­ci­nat­ing to young read­ers and adults alike.” Los Ange­les Times, Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Disaster

 “Hop­kin­son is a sea­soned researcher and author of numer­ous non­fic­tion chron­i­cles of the Amer­i­can expe­ri­ence.”  Los Ange­les Times, Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Disaster

 “Non­fic­tion at its best.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review, Shut­ting out the Sky

 “A fas­ci­nat­ing, nuanced, and emo­tion­al his­tor­i­cal nar­ra­tive.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review, Race Against Death

Inspir­ing and mov­ing.” Book­list, starred review, We Must Not Forget

Vital and unen­durably time­ly.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review, We Must Not Forget

“Well-craft­ed, acces­si­ble, and essen­tial.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review, We Had to Be Brave

“An excit­ing, well-exe­cut­ed book that will cap­ti­vate young read­ers.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review, The Dead­liest Hur­ri­canes Then and Now

an absorb­ing and rich­ly sat­is­fy­ing read.” School Library Jour­nal, starred review, Titan­ic: Voic­es from the Disaster


An info-packed adven­ture for sleuth-lov­ing read­ers.” The Wall Street Jour­nal, How I Became a Spy

live­ly, fast-paced nov­el…” School Library Jour­nal, starred review, A Bandit’s Tale

 “Hop­kin­son adept­ly recre­ates the crowd­ed, infest­ed streets of Lon­don, but it’s her dis­tinct, lay­ered char­ac­ters and tur­bu­lent, yet believ­able plot that make this a cap­ti­vat­ing read.” Pub­lish­ers Week­ly, starred review, The Great Trouble

 “stand­out his­tor­i­cal nov­el…a bustling the­atri­cal romp wor­thy of a stand­ing ova­tion.” Pub­lish­ers Week­ly, starred review, The Plot to Kill a Queen

a ful­ly packed fem­i­nist treat.” Kirkus Reviews, The Plot to Kill a Queen

“A final scene por­trays the ves­sel under full sail…and promis­es spright­ly adven­tures ahoy for a feline who’s the very def­i­n­i­tion of pluck.” Pub­lish­ers Week­ly, Trim Sets Sail


 “In live­ly, image-rich lan­guage, Deli­cious tells of raft­ing the baby trees across a per­ilous river…Nancy Carpenter’s bright illus­tra­tions cap­ture the exu­ber­ant spir­it and the humor.” New York Times, Apples to Oregon

“Charm­ing…clever…deli­cious­ly sub­ver­sive, [it] yields new treats with every read­ing.” New York Times Book Review, Apples to Oregon

“…just how do you han­dle a leg­end? Deb­o­rah Hop­kin­son has found a way, and it’s a win­ner.” The Bul­letin of the Cen­ter for Children’s Books, starred review, Abe Lin­coln Cross­es a Creek

“lucid pic­ture book…elucidating the bril­liant process of edu­cat­ing the deaf and blind pio­neered by Annie Sul­li­van.” School Library Jour­nal, starred review, Annie and Helen

mov­ing epis­to­lary text…readers will dis­cov­er just how pow­er­ful a great role mod­el can be.” Pub­lish­ers Week­ly, starred review, A Let­ter to My Teacher

“This beau­ti­ful pic­ture book unit­ed fic­tion with facts while qui­et­ly pro­mot­ing envi­ron­men­tal activism.” Book­list, starred review, But­ter­flies Belong Here

 “a charm­ing Ella for a new gen­er­a­tion.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review, Cin­derel­la and a Mouse called Fred

 “An empow­er­ing look at what kids can accom­plish.” Book­list, Fol­low the Moon Home

 “A beau­ti­ful work befit­ting its sub­ject.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review, Sky Boys

“qui­et­ly pow­er­ful.” Kirkus Reviews, Small Places, Close to Home

 “A gen­tle, lumi­nous explo­ration for aspir­ing writ­ers.” Pub­lish­ers Week­ly, starred review, The Sto­ry of a Story