Virtual Author Visits

Virtual Author Visits for 2020-21


With more than 50 books, I can adapt my presentations to fit a wide range of audiences and needs. I am adapting my in-person presentations to Zoom through the 2021 academic year.

I am available to speak to young readers from Pre-K to 8th grade, homeschoolers, public libraries, educators, and families. I also give writing workshops to students and adults. Here's a menu of what I offer.

 Pre-2  What Makes a Writer? (35 min)

Kids want to know: How do writers get ideas? In my sessions for K-2, we explore where ideas come from, and how similar the writing process is for all writers. The presentation is humorous and fast-paced, with an emphasis on the importance of reading (we see lots of dogs reading).  I include interactive storytelling and review some of the basics all writers need: practice (lots of it), perseverance, and passion.  The primary message: Readers Make Writers!

2/3 Imagine the Past (50 min)
My presentation for third graders (and sometimes second) introduces students to research and history through picture books.  As with my presentation for older students, we look at how words and pictures work together.This session can include a writing activity around Apples to Oregon where I lead students through a fun activity of writing a letter to a person of the past.  

 4th/5th History Must Be Seen (60 min with writing)

My presentation for students in grades 4th/5th can include a writing activity. We explore how illustrators and authors research and revise to create historical fiction and nonfiction books. Using work-in-progress slides and photographs, students see how real-life visits to museums, family history, and old photographs can help inform research. I also share how investigators like John Snow relied on primary sources for his work on the 1854 London cholera epidemic in The Great Trouble.

5th-8th Everyone’s Story Matters (50-60 min)
This session is designed to share my own passion for history and also help readers think more about writing and research. I hope to encourage an interest in historical fiction and nonfiction, while also sharing research tips to help students be successful in writing papers in middle school, high school, and beyond.  We talk about the research process for The Great Trouble, Titanic, D-Day, How I Became a Spy, and We Had to Be Brave. 

Writing Activities & Separate Writing Workshops   

Depending on the size, available time, and age levels of each group, I normally include writing activities with students in grades 3-5 as part of the regular session. I am also happy to arrange separate 45-min writing workshops with students 4-8 grade.

To contact me about author visits, please email me at